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SoC Development Services

Over the past ten years WhiteEagle® engineers have been part of more than fifty SoC developments as a team. Develops have included low power devices such as hearing aids, high end VOIP chip sets and video processing chips for digital TV.


Using our in-house ESL and SoC development flow allow for quick creation of SoC's. We have integrated IP from most popular vendors from Mentor, Synopsys, CAST, Rambus, Artisan (now ARM) with microprocessor cores from ARM, MIPS and ARC. We have worked with multiple foundries from TSMC, UMC and ASIC design companies like Toshiba, LSI and Fujitsu.


Some of the SoC's WhiteEagle engineers have developed are:

  • ARC-based VOIP CODEC 100-port accelerator
  • ARM-based sonar and multimedia solution (fish-finer with audio/video and GPS)
  • MIPS-based DTV solution with multiple video CODECs (MPEG 2, H.264, WM9)

EDA Flow Development

SoC System Design

Embedded & DSP Software Design

Circuit & Analog Cell Development