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Embedded and DSP Software Development Services


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Embedded and DSP Software Development Services

WhiteEagle® engineering realized early on that programming skills, and intimate knowledge of operating systems software, was a key ingredient to the overall success of the design of a system, whether it is at the chip, board or application level.


We have years of development experience with C, C++ and Java. We are also proficient in assembly language, especially for DSP algorithm development on TI and ADI DSP processors. We have worked with many embedded OS's like Linux and Nucleus.


Driver developoment is a key activity when designing an SoC. Our driver development methodology allows us to test our drivers before tape-out of our SoC's. This enables WhiteEagle engineers to have tested large portions of the SW on the chip before spending significant money on masks. Also, it allows for our DSP accelerator to work in the entire system.

EDA Flow Development

SoC System Design

Embedded & DSP Software Design

Circuit & Analog Cell Development