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EDA Flow Development Services

WhiteEagle® engineers have significant expertise in EDA tools and EDA flow development. WhiteEagle engineers pioneered Electronic System Level (ESL) tool use and the creation of flows to develop DSP subsystems. Starting in the early 90's WhiteEagle engineers developed products using Ptolemy as a basis of the tool flow leading to the creation of an internal high-end DSP RTL flow. As tools became available in the commercial market we have moved from our internal tools to commercial tools.


Today we use Catpult-C from Mentor as our main ESL C++ to RTL flow. Our DSP C++/C-algorithms are compiled into RTL for use as subsystems in SoCs. The WhiteEagle EDA flow also includes a regression test and source code revision system.


We use these flows in our in-house SoC development and when developing DSP based IP for our customers.


WhiteEagle provides on site services at an hourly rate and large design project services using our own tools with a fixed price contract or hourly contract.

EDA Flow Development

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